Free English course

50+ Club invites you to attend FREE English Course in Skype

For the beginners: Phone conversation, at a shop, at a hospital, face description.

Intermediate Level: telephoning, health, shopping, going out, describing people and objects, giving advice.


Last summer event 2013

On 29th of June at 12pm 50+ Club invites youto the last event before the summer holidays.  The event programme includes concertof a Russian song by Nikolay Ryskov,Sergei Ponomarenko and Marina Burima.

See you in Costa Cafe, Bow Bells House, Cheapside, EC2V 6AU.


Thames Boat Trip

On 15 June 50+ Club invites you to attend excurcion by Lidia Nikitina "Thames Boat Trip"

The trip starts at Westminster Pier and ends at Greenwich Pier.



International Children's Day

Children's Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world, to honor children globally. Universal Children's Day is not simply a day to celebrate children for who they are, but to bring awareness to children around the globe that have succumbed to violence in forms of abuse, exploitation and discrimination.


International Museum Day

During the meeting devoted to the International Museum Day Ludmila Revuka told us that each year, all museums in the world are invited to participate in International Museum Day to promote the role of museums around in the world, creating unique, enjoyable and free activities around a theme discussed within the ICOM community for this special day.

Second part of the meetinghas been devoted to poetry. Lubov Orlova has read poems about her own life, her joined Ludmila Revuka and Valentina Zukova.


Meeting in Brussele

Club 50+

Meeting in Brussele again proved the unity of the community. Even though the clubs have different names all of them are united with the common goal. 
Marina – the President of Belgium’s Great House welcomed the delegation from different countries that were consisted of 32 people. The meeting went in nice worm atmosphere and everyone felt himself as comfortable as at home.


Victory Day

To celebrate the bravery of British and Russian sailors during their Arctic Convoys campaign in the years of 1941–1945… To commemorate those, who could not make it to this year’s celebration of the Victory in the Second World War… To mark the victorious Russia-Britain Alliance in the Arctic Convoys 50+ Club invites all its members to a free concert of THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC CONCERT ORCHESTRA that will take place on Monday, May 9th at 6pm at Hays Galleria. 



The spring of Victory

50 + Club invites its members at the meeting at Costa Cafe on Saturday, May 4  that is devoted  the Victory Day.

Meeting animation is provided by club's members: Vitaly Blinov, Alexandr Mosin, Vladimir Filimonov and clubs guests: Maria Kuznetsova, David Kudykov, Alexandr Kazak. 


50 th anniversary of D.Kudykov as a poet

David Kudikov - the member of Club 50+ has recently celebrated his 50 years anniversary as being a poet. The event was really entertaining and full of emotions and poetry, presented not only by David but also by his friends. Alexander Kazak has put some of David’s poems on to music and performed it together with David. David’s friends – E. Terentieva and U. Verevkin have charmed everyone in audience their voices and play on piano. The most active members of Club 50+, V. Blinov and Z. Petruchenya also congratulated David with songs and poems.



Pension in UK

On the 20th of April in 50+ Club took place the meeting devoted to the pencion system in UK. The meeting was held by Ludmila Revuka and Vitaly Blinov. 


Auditions for Russian Folk Dancers - Riverdance

Riverdance, the international dance-show phenomenon is holding auditions for Male and Female Russian Folk Dancers for its upcoming Dublin and European tours.

Applicants should be classically trained Russian Folk dancers and will be required to demonstrate considerable strength, style and skill and be physically prepared for 8 shows a week touring for extended periods.


Edouard Manet's Exhibition

Édouard Manet was a French painter. One of the first 19th-century artists to approach modern and postmodern-life subjects, he was a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.

On the 6th of April 50+ club visited Edouard Manet's Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts

The excursion was held by Lidia Nikitina


Spring inspiration

On Saturday. March 23, at 12:00 50+ Club invites everyone to Costa Cafe to the "Spring Inspiration" event whichwill be held by Vitaly Blinov. Programme: songs by Alexandr Mosin, pictures exhebition by Vitaly Blinov and poems by Lyudmila Rositskaya.


Zhdanov - Lutsenko's Evening

Nikolay Zhdanov - Lutsenko performed for Rossotrudnichestvo. 50+ Club members were happy to visit that event. After Nikolay Ivanovich Zhdanov - Lutsenko performed other talented poet, member of 50+ Club David Kudykov


Cooking with a story

Russian Revels gathered russian immigrants around a lively table with teas, cakes, and story-telling – to choose a favourite cake!
Event started with three iconic Russian cakes, the Napoleon, caramelised apple Sharlotka, and intricate honey Medovnik.
Cakes were baked by Russian home bakers Russian Great British Bake-off.!


International Women's Day Celebration

In celebration of International Women's Day we met at Costa Cafe, our traditional venue on the 9th of March. 50+ Club commemorated this event to wonderful women who inspire us, women who've touched our lives and made a difference to us and to the wider community.

On this special day, we read poems devoted to  women.

Special surprise has been prepared by Vitaly Blinov and the theater "Albion"


Above Borders meeting in London


The delegations from other countries participating in the project "Towards Active European Citizenship" are visiting Club 50+ from the 20th to 23th February.
The visit aims to show the life of Club 50+ in London to the partners.
Within this time slot the delegations will discuss current problems and resolve important questions. Besides, the clubs from different countries will share their achievements and success.The meeting in London is not the first one. The partnership meetings have already been held in Finland, Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia and now England.


Exhibition of dolls in Windsor

ярмарка кукол

We invite Windsor residents and visitors to come and enjoy chocolate and the inspiring fair. You'll see handmade dolls, magical animals, lovely creatures and their stories in paintings, sewing, sculpture, papier mache, embroidery, ornaments, needlework, woodwork and many other art forms. We take the most interesting characters and put them together in one house for one day for you and your families. Of course you will have a chance to take them home with you!



Lent, religion and diet

 LENT - not something many of us have ever paid attention to before. 

What is the proper diet for the lent? 
How it may be useful?
40 days, what can you achieve in 40 days? 
All those questions answered the professional nutritionist on the last 50+ Club event on Saturday, 9 February 2013


Old New Year 2013


Old New Year - that is a typical Russian tradition. That's why we gathered together on Sunday, 13 January in the pub The Elusive Camel at Victoria. The night was full of surprises and fun. Each visitor got special calendar from 50+ Club that was based on the results of photo session "Faces of Epoch" by Photo club.
Enjoy the photos below and feel the atmosphere of the holiday one more time.


Stroke Risk Factors

Everyone needs to know about stroke because stroke can happen to anyone.
Our club 50+ member Fedor Nikiforovich Yakushin studies nutrition for stroke survivors. Nutrition is an important part of stroke prevention however, after a stroke it becomes even more important.


AboveBorders partners meeting in Germany

Last week AboveBorders traveled to Germany for a meeting with their partners. The trip was a success. Germany welcomed guests with picturesque landscapes, bright illuminations, Christmas markets and rich flavours of gingerbread, sausages and mulled wine.
Winter in Germany is probably the most beautiful part of the year. All the cities, towns and villages start changing and by late November they are already lit with Christmas decorations and trimmings.
Extended excursion plan brought a lot of new unforgettable impression.
Photo report follows below


Discover your family history!

On Saturday, December 8th, club 50+ will be holding a workshop on how to discover your family history and start your family tree. The workshop will be headed by Tatiana Kolosova.



The Santa run

Club 50+ joined the Santa run for the “Do It For Charity” event at Greenwich park in London.

Enjoy these great pictures!


Lewes Farmers' Market

On Saturday  1st December Club 50+ visited Lewes Farmers' Market. Everyone enjoyed a unique environment for shopping and lovely  Christmas atmosphere.


Vedic knowledge workshop


At one of Club 50+ meetings at Costa café Liutauras Mezhanskas shared his experiences and the knowledge of Ayurvedic living nutrition and  system of health care.

Ayurvedic living nutrition and system of health care.


Visit for free videos and audio lectures
You can contact Liutauras via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Historical excursion and crafts workshop

On Saturday, 24 November, 50+ Club members arrived to Geffrye Museum for  historical excursion and Crafts workshop, whre they ere taught how to make pomanders. 

The pomanders are traditional Christmas gifts that were given at new year during the Tudor period (16th century). They’re made from cloves and citrus fruit and can be dried at home after the session and used in the home to scent it.


Digital Photography Masterclass

photo club

On Saturday, 10 November in 50+ Club took place Digital Photography Masterclass    where  the Club members found out about  Daido Moriyama and William Klein Exhibitions that take place in Tate Modern. 



Leeds Сastle

Described as the "loveliest castle in the world", Leeds Castle was once a Royal residence for six of Englands medieval queens, a palace of Henry VIII, and a retreat for the rich and powerful. The setting is simply idyllic. The Norman castle was built on two small islands, in the middle of a lake, and is surrounded by a vast estate.  50+ Club members could enjoy the marvelous trip to that beautiful place.


David Sereo gave an interview to 50+ Club

 Hi, David. Glad we could connect for this interview! When did you first feel like you were "Born to Sing"? I am passionate about PEOPLE! And since I was born I always wanted to show my affection and love to them. Singing became quickly my favorite way to express this love to them.


Seminar: Water in our life

waterOn Saturday, 6 Ocober in Costa Cafe took place seminar "Water in our life" 


Water is the most important liquid we know. It is everywhere we look. Water is in the ground and in the air that we breathe . All animals, plants and humans need water to survive .


Computer Basics Class

Free computer classOn Saturdays, 29 September, 50¡ Club held Computer Basics Class. We would like to say thank you to all volunteers that cane to help and of course to all our members for participating it that amazing workshop.




Yoga for beginners in Hyde Park

Йога для начинающихOn Sunday, 30 September at 10:00 am 50+ Club invites you to the Yoga Classes for Beginners. Dont forget towel or yoga matt and water.

We will meet you near the cafe in Hyde Park ( Queensway entrance)

Price: £1.


“Faces Of The Epoch” exhibition


On Saturday 22nd of September Club 50+ organized a photo exhibition of pictures  taken during the project “Faces Of The Epoch”. Vitaly Blinov curated this huge project in summer. Participants recreated famous pictures and images of outstanding people.


Birthday Party

On Saturday, September 15th, Club 50+ was celebrating birthdays of their members at special Birthday Party. Guests were singing, playing games and having fun. Many thanks to Zinaida and Vitaly for organizing a great entertaining event.


Computer Class

Club 50+ computer classOn Saturday, 8 September 2012, 50+ Club members met in Costa Cafe. In addition to the regular event club leaders held Computer Basics Class. 


Meeting with meditation teacher Olga Steblin

медитация в клубе 50+On Saturday,8 September 50¡ Club members participated in the meditation class with Olga Steblin - meditation teacher, physician and professional artist.


50+ Club opening after a holiday

Клуб 50+All 50+ Club members were happy to meat each other after holiday. Everyone shared their impressions from Olympic Games and discussed ne Photo Club project "Epoch Faces" 


Olympic inspiration

olympic bike50+ Club invites to "Olympic inspiration". Meeting with Russian sportsmen will take place on Wednesday, 8 August from  14:00 tо 17:00.

Аddress: Newham Town Hall, East Ham, E6 2RP (South-west corner of High Street South and Barking Road)


Olympic Games and 50+ Club

olympicOur member Vitaly Blinov has visited Olympic village and sent his photo report.


Free tickets to Home:scape play

home scape

From the suburban streets of South West London to the regal boulevards of Budapest, on to the bustling squares of Prague, people have given us their stories to make this unique theatrical event. Home:Scape is directed by Irina Andreeva, together with an international cast and crew. It is a highly physical and multimedia performance crossing the borders of Europe.

Premiere was in London in August 2012 the show coincides with the Olympics when the world’s eyes are on Britain’s capital. 50+ Club members got 2 free tickets to the play.




yoga in russia parkRUSSIA.PAPK, RUSSIANSinUK, Yogadom and 50+ Club invites to the daily yoga classes in RUSSIA.PARK. All classes are donation based. Minimun donation is £1.


Yoga in Hyde Park. Photo report (15 July)

йога для 50+On Sunday, 15 July 50+ Club members met for Open Air Yoga Class in Hyde Par. Next class will take place on 22 July. We would like to remind you that during Olympic games Sunday Yoga Classes will be held in Kensington Gardens on the territory of Russian Olympic Village. Details >>


Yoga for beginners in Hyde Park

Come and join us for a great yoga practice for beginners this Sunday, 22nd of July! This is a a unique opportunity to practice hatha yoga outside in Hyde Park. The class will be conducted by Ivan Molochko. All are welcome!
Bring a mat, a towel and a bottle of water.
Meeting Point:
Fee: £ 1
Please note that there will be no classes during the Olympics.


Meeting with Sergei Horshev-Olkhovski

Sergei Horoshev-Olhovsky in 50+ Club

On Saturday, 14 July 50+ Club Members met novelist Sergei Horshev-Olkhosky.

Sergei has been publishing his books in Russia, USA, Australia, England, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus etc since 1994. During the meeting Sergei told about his boos and how he appeared in England. In addition Sergei read one of his novels devoted to his visit to Russia.

In the end Sergei singed books and give autographs.


Healing or recovery?


On Saturday, 7 July 50+ Club members met to discuss helth issues. Guest of the meeting David Kudykov (member of «BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF HIRUDOTHERAPY» ) shared his knowledge and touched upon many actual for club members health issues.


Yoga in Hyde Park. Photo report (8 July)

Last Sunday Yogadom and RUSSIANSinUK held their weekly yoga classes in Hyde Park.

We would like to remind you thatclasses are held each Sunday from 10am to 11am for 50+ Club and from 11am to 12am for everyone interested in yoga.

The classes are held by experienced yoga teacher Ivan Molochko


Exhibition of Sport posters

One of our members has sent to us her photo report from the exhibition of sport posters that has been announced in one of our Mayak issues.


Last day of June

This year Olimpic Games will be held in London and you literary can feel that "health is in the air". 50+ Club decided to hold several meetings devoted to health. On Saturday, 30 June 50+ Club members met in Costa Cafe with one of our members Vita from Health Project. Vita shared her knowledge about reflexology and feet massage.


Yoga i Hyde Park. Photo report (1 July)

Free Yoga Class for 50+ Club is designed for the people of senior age to feel good and stay active. 

The classes are supported by Yogadom and RUSSIANSinUK community and held by experienced yoga teacher Ivan Molochko from Yogadom.


First Yoga Class in Hyde Park

Last Sunday was held Free Yoga Class in Hyde Park for 50+ Club members. The free classes are supported by Yogadom and RUSSIANSinUK community. The classes are held by experienced yoga teacher Ivan Molochko from Yogadom.


Cheapside Street Fayre

On Saturday, 23 June 50+ Club members visited The City Fayre. 


One of London's oldest shopping thoroughfares, Cheapside, was closed to traffic and filled with people today for this vibrant street fayre featuring music, performance and free ice cream for kids.


A trip to Canterbury


On Sunday 17th June Club 50+ had a fantastic day out in Canterbury. Everyone had an amazing time with our knowledgeable tour guide Katerina. The group learned much about Canterbury’s history and heritage and enjoyed its great architecture and famous buildings.



Pushkin's Birthday

On Saturday, 9 June 50+ Club members met  in Costa Cafe to celebrate birthday of famous russian poet Alexandr Sergeevich Pushkin.

Pushkin lives in the heart and soul of each russian speaking person. 

During the meeting some members of the club read the poems of Alexandr Sergeevich by heart.   


Health Seminar

Last week all people living in Great Britan celebrated Diamond Jubilee: 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II This year the Queen has celebrated her 86th birthday.

How to reach this age and stay as nice-looking as the Queen?

On Saturday 50+ Club members have met in Costa Cafe and discussed health issues. 


Meeting in Bulgaria

In the meeting participated 6 countries: England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Belgium and Bulgaria. The meeting took place in Bulgaria capital - Sofia and another city - Plovdiv.  

In Sofia Above the Boders members have met other Russian communities and Russian Embassy representatives.



Summer in London

50+ Club members were happy to meet in Hyde Park after long dull rainy weeks. First sunny days were so nice to meet on a green grass of Hyde Park.

Songs, dances and nice food made the meeting remakable not only for 50+ Club members but for Italian neighbours that were glad to joing our camping. 


Salvation Army

In the evening on 20 May 50+ Club memebers were invited to the talk show about health that took place in  Salvation Army building on Turnpike Lane.

On the meeting all members were offered tea and participated in the discussion on the following topic: "Why some of the people can take golden medals on Olympic Games at ther 80s and the others cannot fight their illnesses?".

After the discussion Club 50+ membrs were ivited to paricipate in karaoke concert.


Farm Tour

After Greenwich Tour Club 50+ members visited Mudchute City Farm close to Canary Wharf. 

Great farm, lots of animals, lots of space. Group spent 1-1,5 hour there just looking at animals, feeding them and walking. London feels miles away when walking around here patting llamas and sheep.


Greenwich Tour

On Sunday, 20 May Club 50+ members had Greenwich Tour. Someof the Club members have been living in London for many years but have never seen those marvelous places. 

The group havs visited  the monument to Peter I, undeground tunnel under Thames River. After the excursion club's members conclude:"If you go to London, you should definetily see Greenwich."


The Museum of Childhood

On Saturday, 19 May Club 50+ members visited The Museum of Childhood. 

The Museum's exhibitions and displays explore a broad range of subjects relating to childhood, from design, photography and fashion, to play and social issues. Major exhibitions, such as Modern British Childhood, are large and feature around a hundred objects, interactive interpretation and multimedia. Displays and installations, such as The Space Between, are smaller and can range in size from one case to a room in the Galleries.



Exhibition "Handmade FOREVER!"

On Saturday, 19 May in Costa took place Club 50+ exhibition of handmade jewelry named "Handmade FOREVER!" 


Handmade jewelry is jewelry which has been assembled and formed by hand rather than through the use of machines. During the exhibitions Club members showed how easy you can find the perfect gift or treat yourself to one-of-a-kind jewelry.


Gergiev's Stravinsky Festival

One of our members git free tickets for his family to Gergiev's Stravinsky Festival and even got the autograph for the club.


Stravinsky’s Renard tells the tale of a fox who makes his career from tricking the other farm dwellers, the cock, cat and ram, but whose pride eventually gets the better of him – needless to add, the fox gets his comeuppance. The Soldier’s Tale recounts the story of a soldier who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for his greatest worldly desires: riches, power, youth and wisdom. In an unsettling finale, the devil returns to claim his prize accompanied by the sounds of mechanistic, incessant drumming.


Book shelf

On Saturdays, 12 May club 50+ invited its members to visit "Book Shelf Exhibition". They have brought their favourite books to share them with  friends. Many members were glad to read and discuss their favourite stories and lines.


67th Victory Day

9 May 2012 became a very special and memorable day for British and Russian Second World War veterans, Londoners and visitors to the capital.


Photo Exhibition in Costa

Photo Club organised their first photo exhibition.

Press read more to view the photos.


Club 50+

Club 50+ is aimed to help Russian senior citizens (of pension age) currently living in the UK.

Iif you are more than 50 you are welcome to apply for a free membership. All you need is fill in the membership form.


Victory Day in "Communication Group"

On Saturday, 28thof April, 50 + Club held "Victory Day" event in Costa Cafe.

Press read more to view the photos


Folk Club

If you want to join "Folk Club" contact Zinaida on 07742971417.


Easter In London

Press read more to view the photos


Elena Davydova’s exhibition

The Frameless Gallery presents an exhibition room for an established Moscow artist Elena Davydova, who shows to the public fifty new works created in London over the last few years. Elena Davydova’s paintings are a fusion of nature, poetry, music, harmony and light. In the modern world where contemporary art is full of sharks swimming in ink and ripped-up human bodies, her art represents simple but eternal values. She has a unique view of the world, an ability to see magic in everyday things.



Photo Club. 5th lesson

Press read more to view the photos from the 5th lesson of photo club.

Club works every Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00

Dont hesitate to contact Vitaly on 07999589372 if you have anya questions.


Maslenitsa in London

Maslenitsa is traditionally a family event, and its London cousin will be no different, with a children's marquee programme featuring exclusive performances by the award winning Theatre Chudaki, a presentation of Maslenitsa traditions, with audience interaction, performances of traditional songs by children's groups and plenty of competitions, games and fun.


Art group

We are happy to announce that the Art group started to work. You are very welcome to visit group every week. Call Natalia for details to 07414752728

Press read more to view the photos


Communication group

On Saturday, 21 April 50+ Club opened new group for communication. We happy to see you every Saturday in Costa Cafe. Press read more to view the photos


Photo Club. 4th lesson

4th lesson of Photo Club dedicated to group photos.

Photo Club works every Saturday.

Contact details - Vitali (07999589372).


Poetic evening

In hornour to Bella Akhmadulina's 75th birthday Club 50+ held poetic evening.  


Izabella Akhatovna "Bella" Akhmadulina was a Soviet and Russian poet, short story writer, and translator, known for her apolitical writing stance. She was part of the Russian New Wave literary movement. She was cited by Joseph Brodsky as the best living poet in the Russian language.

Press read more to view the photos




Last Saturday in Hyde Park 50+ Club held picnic for club members. 

Club thanks Vanda, Zinaida, Natalia and Katerina for the help. We also want thank Nadezhda, who baked 100 pies with different flavors. Press here to view the photos

Photo Club invites

Photo Club is happy to invite you to become its member. We promise you a lot of positive impressions, good mood and warm company.

Contact us on 07900295364 - Vitali


Stonehenge & Bath

In March members of 50+ Club visited "Stonehenge & Bath" 

The excursion visited 159 people (3 buses).

Press rewad more to view the photos.


Photo club opening

On Saturday, 24 th of March the first meeting of photoclub took place. 

Group leader: Vitali - 07900295364

Clubs works every Saturday from 10am to 12am 

Don't forget to take your camera! Don't hesitate to contact Vitali if you have any questions.


Health group

We a happy toinvite you to our health group. 

Contact number: Zinaida - 07742971417


An apple a day keeps the doctor away!



Club 50+ is looking for volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to help us.


You are asked to work on a voluntary basis - but entirely within the limits and/or time you may be able to give to this task. You will help us on a flexible basis.


Meeting in Finland

In Februray our Finnish partners held the meeting of the "AboveBorders" organisation. The meeting took place in Helsinki.

London club was presented by our coordinators Anya Portnik and Ekaterina Chernyaeva. That was a really productive meeting full of events.


Stonehenge & Bath

RUSSIANSinUK and Club 50+ invite you to 1 day tour to Stonehenge & Bath.

Date: Saturday, 17 March

Price: £10 for club 50+ participants, £20 for under 50s

Attention! Booking deadline - 10 March

Tickets can be purchased at any of the club’s meetings

Contacts: 07414752728 (Natalya)


Digital UK Presentation

You are invited to free Digital UK Presentation that will be held on February 11 at John F Kennedy School.

Date: 11 February

Time: 11 am

Address: John F Kennedy School, Pitchford Street, Stratford, London E15 4RZ


Oxford Tour

RUSSIANSinUK invites you to 1 day tour to Oxford, the famous university town.

The tour is free for seniors (age 50+), £20 – for under 50s.


Booking deposit: £10 (deposit will be returned at the tour date)

Date: Saturday, 28 January 2012

Details: 02081230580, 02081445767 (Monday-Friday 7am – 3pm)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Club 50+ opening.

RUSSIANSinUK invites you to the opening of a new project "Club 50+". The new project has been brought by RUSSIANSinUK and is aimed to help Russian senior citizens (of pension age) currently living in the UK.

The first meeting will take place at

The Royal Docks Community School
Prince Regent Lane
E16 3NS


The First Meeting of European Partners

European partners of the international project of Grundtvig continuing education successfully held their first meeting in Riga, Latvia at the end of September. The program received grant from the European Union. Russian-speaking societies and organizations of Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Greece, Bulgaria and Latvia are involved with this new project. Workshop participants had the opportunity to meet and discuss different issues with the program.