We aim to create a closer dialogue between members and representatives of the Russian Diaspora and to promote Greek-Russian cultural & historical heritage links. We intend to organise educational lectures, tours, voluntary works & publications in media to encourage bonds between Russian immigrants local Greek communities. These will concentrate on language skills, Russian & Greek culture, traditions and history.




In the first days of the New Year, the Union of Russian Immigrants in Greece gathered our compatriots together for yet another meeting, where the members of the organization discussed the conclusions from the past year of activities, and talked with the guests about plans for the new year.

Looking back at all the unique events organized, it’s hard to believe that such a number and variety of meetings was kept together by just a small group of activists of the Union. The secret to success is probably in their talent and their deep interest in the deeds of the Russian community in Greece.Irina Zhalnina talked about the achievements of the Union

Meetings with  writers and artists, excursions for members of “Club 50+”, competitions, presentations and exhibitions. In these events of the Union participated our compatriots of all ages and interests.

Members of the Union of Russian Immigrants in Greece and guests of the evening

Irina Zhalnina readily welcomed the guests of the night and thanked those, who took part in the life of the Union, especially mentioning father Gregorij, whom she called “one of the spiritual mentors of our community.” “This incredible person makes a huge effort, helps people with less provileges, is building a church and will help anyone, who needs it,” she said, assuring the audience that the Union also tries to support our compatriots while handing them out a helping hand.

Father Gregorij led the prayer

“Despite the hardships of an immigrant’s life, starting a bright and active life is possible in any age. Starting from this position, we invite to participate in our program “Club 50+” all those who need some support.” Irina Zhalnina also expressed gratitude to the wife of the ambassador of the Russian Federation to Greece, Mrs Olga Chikhishvili, thanks to whom the wonderful “Demidovski vecher” night took place in the Embassy.

Irina Zhalnina-Vasilkioti and Ksenya Sfyri (born duchess Sheremetyeva)

The evening ended with the traditional cake “Vasilopita,” which every Greek family bakes every year for the New Year’s table. The Union also treated its guests with this cake with a hidden “lucky coin.” Tradition has it, that whoever finds the coin, will enjoy a year or happiness and luck. And probably no one was shocked that the one who did get the coin in his piece of cake,  was father Grigorij.

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