We aim to create a closer dialogue between members and representatives of the Russian Diaspora and to promote Greek-Russian cultural & historical heritage links. We intend to organise educational lectures, tours, voluntary works & publications in media to encourage bonds between Russian immigrants local Greek communities. These will concentrate on language skills, Russian & Greek culture, traditions and history.

Visiting an artist



On Sunday November 13th 2011, the members of Club 50+ (created by the Union of Russian Immigrants in Greece in the lines of the EU project “Steps Towards Active European Citizenship”) met once again.

“Welcome, I’m very happy that you decided to visit me,” the host welcomed up and invited us in. Through a small hallway, we got into a spacious room--comfortable and sunny. In only a few minutes the guests felt comfortable and like at home: cakes on the table, hot tea. Everything in the best traditions of Russian hospitality.
We’re all more used to seeing artists’ works in galleries, but when the artist tells you about his work over a cup of tea, that’s a completely different atmosphere.

The Russian-speaking immigrants communicated happily with the artist, exchanged opinions about life in Greece, shared their personal experiences. Sometimes, because of the fast pace of life, we forget to notice how beautiful this world it.  But the artist has a sharp eye. When you communicate with an interesting personality, you automatically get dragged into his world, seeing the depth and the originality of his nature, his manner of talking and feeling, and in a few moments, you are already looking at the world with the eyes of an artist...

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