Newspaper «Час» (Chas) established in August 1997 & it is one of major Russian language newspapers in Riga, Latvia. The Website is http://www.chas-daily.com/win/index.HTML «Час» is a daily Newspaper in Riga Latvia in Russian language. Editor and owner is a private company (with limited liability) at Press House ’Petit”. The daily distribution is around 8,500 copies and on Fridays there are 20,400 copies with 50,000 readers of newspaper.


In autumn 2012 the delegation of Latvian Publishing house ‘Petits’ did continue their meetings with partners within international project ‘On the way to European integration’ in Athens. The delegation has been met in Athens by the ‘Union of Russian emigrants in Greece’ named by princess S.I. Demidova.

Participants from Russian societies and organizations of partner countries have arrived to Athens. There were representatives from countries such Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria and Latvia.

Greece – is a sunny country, where many people did really find themselves on that land. People did build their life from the start, taking in account local demands and conditions. The first queen of Greece Olga Romanova is still worshiped as a saint.

  • The general aim of our association is to combine the best powers of next generation’s emigrants, revive the tradition of Russian emigration and moral principals or Russian community – says the union’s chairwoman Irina Zalnina-Vasilkioti.


The representatives of partner countries did report on the accomplished work for the last year. The head of Russian Academic union Sergey Rozkov did perform with the ‘The Russian emigrants’ problems of older generation in Greece’, Tatyana Andrianova, the project coordinator did report on organization of 50+ readers’ contest.


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