Inkeri-seura (Association of Ingrian Finns) was founded by the community of Ingrian Finns, who lived in Finland before World War II. The society had existed up to the beginning of the 1990s, but due to a decrease of the number of its members it was officially closed. In 2008 the society was re-established by Ingrian Finns who had migrated to Finland in the 1990s. The society (it's new name Association of Ingrian Finns of Helsinki region) is the member of SuomenInkeri-Liitto (Ingrian Finns Organisation of Finland). InkerinViesti is a printing press magazine of the society.


altThe last partner meeting is over. Brussels took a big group of seniors. As a leader, of course, Toivo Tupin and he was supported by Galina Hanina. Seniors also joined this trip to Amstedam. 1.6.2013 we had last spring meeting of Karelia- house. Seniors were very grateful that they were offered the opportunity to get to know other Russian speakers living in European countries. For many, it was the first trip outside of Finland.

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Helsingin seudun Inkeri-seura ry
Karjalankatu 1
00690 Helsinki