Stadtteilbüro Bergmannsfeld and Seniorenclub Е-Bergmannsfeld/Hörsterfeld are part of the Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen Essen-Mitte e.V. in Essen.
Seniorenclub Е-Bergmannsfeld/Hörsterfeld dates back to 2007 and it unites the Russian-speaking residents over the age of 50 regardless of national and religious characteristics. The directions of the club’s activity are determined by various social researches, which revealed the attractiveness of large housing estates in Essen for the elderly immigrants who mostly lived in the same districts before their immigration. The same trends are observed among the younger immigrants, which displays the potential attractiveness of such districts in the near future. Such a trend has been taken into account by the local authorities, political organisations and landlords who are developing and implementing housing and social programs.
The main directions of club`s activities are:
• Coordination of integration activity and supporting international tolerance on a local level (district, micro-district);
• Support of members’ initiatives and organisational and educational activity. Many initiatives are for the post Soviet immigrant pensioners;
• Holding mutual events with the local population in order to break down existing stereotypes towards the Russian speaking population;
• Volunteers’ activity on helping the elderly Russian speaking immigrants (learning the German language, documentation and legal support, hobby activities, employment);
• Drawing the public attention to the Russian speaking population of the North Rhine – Westphalia and Essen;
• Teaching German: considering the elderly specificity;
• Taking excursions around Germany in order to understand their new home better;
• Cultural activity as a significant part of self-identity;
• The promotion of a healthy way of life for elderly people
• The promotion of Seniorenclub Е-Bergmannsfeld achievements in mass media, participation in scientific and practical events;
Thus, in 2010 Seniorenclub Е-Bergmannsfeld was highly-acclaimed by Ministerium für Generationen, Familie, Frauen und Integration des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen for the participation in “AAMEE” project. The club’s activity was covered in «Gute Beispiele in Europa».
• Keeping connections between the public organisations dealing with the elderly Russian speaking immigrants on the local, federal and international levels.

Контактные детали:

Seniorenclub der russischsprachigen Senioren Essen- Bergmannsfeld;
Philosophenweg 8, 45279 Essen Deutschland;
Tel.: +49 201 438 9429, +49 178 161 7487;