Russischhuis.be is a non-profit public organization created in November, 2006. It assumes its bridging role between Russian-speaking immigrants and local population, thus helping the process of integration of the first group and encourage the interest of the second towards the new-comers and their culture. At present, RH.be starts developing projects within European Union integration programs, programs of East partnership and regional cohesion programs.

The videoconference on immigrants adoptation took part on February 2013. During the conversation it compared problems of labor markets operation and immigrants integration in some European countries- Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Reports at the conference were presented by Galina Matyushina, Executive Director of Russian-speaking platform of compatriots organizations 'Solidarnost', Antwerp Town Councillor, and Irina Troitsaya, the authoe of the 1st in Belgium sociological research regarding to social integration and adoptation of Russian-speaking immigrants.

As moderators were Russian scientists of Institute of Anthropology and Ethnography: Elena Philippova, Doctor of Historical Sciences, leading researcher, and Dmitriy Gromov, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Doctoral candidate degree.

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Vanderlindenstraat 17
B - 1030 Brussel
E-mail: russischhuis@gmail.com
www.maisonrusse.magusine.net (NL)