We aim to create a closer dialogue between members and representatives of the Russian Diaspora and to promote Greek-Russian cultural & historical heritage links. We intend to organise educational lectures, tours, voluntary works & publications in media to encourage bonds between Russian immigrants local Greek communities. These will concentrate on language skills, Russian & Greek culture, traditions and history.

Greek-Russian relations


Just before the Christmas eve "Club 50 +" (which was founded by the Union of Russian emigrants in Greece due the EU program "Towards an active European citizenship") organized party at the yoga teacher Elina-Nephele Zagorodskaya. This time the evening was devoted to the Greek-Russian relations.
As planned by the organizers, the people who gathered there had to exchange their impressions. The Greeks had to speak about their impressions of Russia and ex-soviet citizens and the immigrants had to speak about Greece and Greeks. In order to make the process work, the game was proposed: each of the participants had to speak about their impressions and why they like these two countries. They also had to mention the mentality of the people, and to share their opinion of the most important and memorable aspects.
The music program added an excellent atmosphere to the evening. The guests sang both Greek and Russian songs, as they joined a genuine love for both countries. It became clear that Greece became for many immigrants from the former Soviet Union's the second home. So, such happenings and such friendships really help to break down the stereotypes.

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