Russischhuis.be is a non-profit public organization created in November, 2006. It assumes its bridging role between Russian-speaking immigrants and local population, thus helping the process of integration of the first group and encourage the interest of the second towards the new-comers and their culture. At present, RH.be starts developing projects within European Union integration programs, programs of East partnership and regional cohesion programs.


As a part of celebration on the Nobel Peace Prize -2012 award the members of Club 'Starshee Pokolenie' have visited Sakhav Hall and media-exhibition in the European Parlament.
This prize is not only for European Union as a political subject but also as a community of people so that it is the award of every person living in EU Member States. We couldn't lose this unique opportunity to touch Nobel Peacr Prize although in miniature.  

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Vanderlindenstraat 17
B - 1030 Brussel
E-mail: russischhuis@gmail.com
www.maisonrusse.magusine.net (NL)