David Sereo gave an interview to 50+ Club


 Hi, David. Glad we could connect for this interview! When did you first feel like you were "Born to Sing"? I am passionate about PEOPLE! And since I was born I always wanted to show my affection and love to them. Singing became quickly my favorite way to express this love to them.

When did you realize you had a gift for singing opera?  When my voice teacher had to close his windows when I singing and all my neighbors had to move from their house! LOL More seriously, I am very touched by this music and I believe in the good that it can bring to people. Also Opera is an international language!   Where did you study music? Why did you choose Russia for studying? I studied music and piano in Paris. Then I moved to New York and studied theater, Opera and musicals. When I was 23, I moved to St Petersburg where I first entered to the Rimsky Korskov Conservatory. There I made my debut as Scarpia (Tosca) and Germont (La Traviata). Following these debuts I received an invitation by Valery Gergiev to be part of the Mariinsly theater!  I was always fascinated how Russian could be immersed within their art (Music, Ballet, Theater, Literature..) and how they share their passion with others. 
There are a lot of stereotypes about life in Russia. Did you find proof to any while living there? I always loved Russia and most of all Russian people! They are so FUNNY!!!! I enjoy so much to be with them, they have it all: they are beautiful, cultured, talented and hardworking. I had the stereotype of Russian being very cold, but actually it was the opposite. They enjoy life more than anyone!  Russia is for me a big family. 

You’ve performed on the most prestigious worldwide stages. Can you point out your favorite? Each evening is a special one and each one is a cheerful memory to me. Recently I performed the title role of Don Quixote from Broadway musical "Man of La Mancha" in Paris and others cities. It was my dream to sing this role.  One of my most memorable souvenir with Russia, was when I performed a concert at the prestigious Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow with legendary Iossif KOBZON! My concert with him was broadcast on TV and we had an audience of 15 millions viewers!!  I also had an improvised concert in Paris with Vladimir Vinokur, who is besides an amazing comedian, a great singer.
What types of music do you like to listen to besides opera? Who are some of your favorite non-opera artists/bands?   I listen to a lot of music from Jazz, Pop, Disco to soul music and most of all I love to Party!!!   What's in your schedule in your october 2012 London Tour? I have a charity concert in benefit to Meir Panim (16th), documentary to shoot in London (17th),  Concert at the Dominion Theater which will be my WEST END debut (18th)!  I have a guest performance at the "Cirque du Soir" (19th): Four busy days!!

 Would you like to tell us about any upcoming performances? 

Once I finish my London Tour  I will perform and produce in Paris the premiere of "Beggar's Holiday", the only musical by Duke ELLINGTON. The album has just been released on iTunes, amazon..etc. 

I will be with Jermaine JACKSON (from Jackson 5) on a two-men musical that I wrote. I will produce this musical in Paris in January. 

I am also the Artistic Director, Arranger and Producer of Jermaine Jackson's new album of Jazz classics on which I did a duet on Autumn Leaves. The album is available on iTunes..etc.


Anything to say to Russians in UK?I am very excited about this London Tour and I hope to come back very soon to meet more people from the London's Russian community that I hold very deeply in my heart. I also would like to perform a concert in benefit to a Russian charity very soon. Russian taught me important lessons in life and I owe them all. I always carry Russia with me because my repertoire includes  Russian standards such as Katyusha, Otchi thorny, Kalinka… y ya govoryo po Russki! Ya vas lublu!!!