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Riga. Activists, the participants of ‘On the way towards European citizenship’ project that is happening within continuous education program Grundtvig, took a part in the lesson of handicraft. It was organized in format 3D by Publishing house ‘PETITS’ and newspaper ‘CHAS’.

There were different people who gathered together in order to learn how to create amazing volumetric postcards, mainly women – educators and economists. Julia Richkova, the daughter of one of those women, did show what can be done out of pieces of colorful paper.


  • The post card can be made not only out of paper. You can also add a ribbon or a piece of lace to it.

The participants of the lesson did submit their feedbacks: all of them said that it was very interesting. One of the participants Iya did write: ‘I have never thought, that I am able to create something like that by myself. I am very happy with the result of my greeting postcard. Will give it to my granddaughter for her 2nd birthday.’ Another participant Svetlana Tretyak did write: ‘For many years I was a teacher, and today I felt like being a student.’ The mother of our teacher, Biya Richkova is not a new in this business – it is a family tradition and interest, she did learn how to use also other techniques and was very interested in 3D.

We can say that European Project – is not something what is happening far away. It consists of real meetings, new partnerships, skills exchange and experiences. It is very interesting to gather people together, hear their opinions and to learn. We did highlight that we will definitely meet once again and will invite other people who are interested in handicraft.


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