Speaking of the future, we are optimistic. Over the past 5 years we have achieved a lot, but this is only the beginning. We plan to continue to hold regular meetings of the members of the club. Good tradition is the joint birthday celebrations. Among the invited assistants we will be happy to see the new speakers. The lectures of Dr. D. Piterski on the geography and history of Germany and reports on the problems of different countries ("House of Asia") are still relevant. The most important condition for successful integration is German language. In Stadtteilbüro Bergmannsfeld we have German training for adults twice a week. We plan to organize a computer training for adults as well. We will continue our extensive excursion program in order to understand the new country better. In our program of cultural events in the near future - the Essen Philharmonic concerts of Russian and Ukrainian artists, discussion of new books and films, poetry reading our club poets. In Bergmansfeld we have a regularly celebration of our neighborhood. The participation of the club in this important event has become a tradition. It would be very interesting and useful to carry out joint activities, such as participation in seminars, excursions, cultural and sports programs and to use the rich experience of our colleagues, concerned with elderly people from the former Soviet Union. We attach great importance to international relations and will continue to participate in EU projects.

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