Our club is already represented in the media and in the scientific literature. Papers of Dr. D. Piterski, M. Heijenga and M. Ratchina on the main results of a survey of seniors in our neighborhood are published in the reports of the Congress of European Regional Science Association in Paris, Liverpool and Lodz. Publications about the members of our club appeared in German and Russian language press, radio and TV and in internet as well (WAZ, Steeler Kurier, «Partner", "Zemlyaki", "Chas", "Voice of Russia", ZDF, WAZ, haGalil, « Window to Russia"). In the Festschrift dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Bergmannsfeld is published an interview with the activists of our club.

Контактные детали:

Seniorenclub der russischsprachigen Senioren Essen- Bergmannsfeld;
Philosophenweg 8, 45279 Essen Deutschland;
Tel.: +49 201 438 9429, +49 178 161 7487;