We aim to create a closer dialogue between members and representatives of the Russian Diaspora and to promote Greek-Russian cultural & historical heritage links. We intend to organise educational lectures, tours, voluntary works & publications in media to encourage bonds between Russian immigrants local Greek communities. These will concentrate on language skills, Russian & Greek culture, traditions and history.

May 9th, Club 50+



images-stories-greece-0512-dsc 0370-198x132On May 9th, the Union of Russian Immigrants in Greece “Demidova” organized an evening for fellow Russian-speaking citizens dedicated to the 67th anniversary of Victory Day, which marks the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in WWII. There are probably no other events comparable in significance with World War II in 20th century history. Through losses and pain, tragedies and sacrifices, the soviet soldiers brought us to the Great Victory.


20th century history has probably no other events equal in significance to WWII. Through loss and pain, tragedy and sacrifices, Soviet soldiers brought us to the Great Victory. And no matter what country we’re currently living in, on May 9th we bring back to memory the names of those, thanks to whom in the spring of ‘45 the sky was full of victory salutes, bringing hope to mankind. 27 million lives. That’s the price that our people paid for freedom and save the world from Nazism. We remember the heroes lost and honor the living ones.

We remembered this day with a celebration in Athens: on May 9th the Union of Russian Immigrants in Greece gathered in the Russian restaurant “Sadko.” Remembering the deeds of our soviet soldiers, both organizers and participants of the event sang songs of the war, read poems and talked about those, who sacrificed their lives defending their country. Unfortunately, every year the number of witnesses and participants of the Great National war are becoming fewer and fewer.

Members of the Club 50+, created by the Union in the framework of the EU project “Steps Towards Active European Citizenship” talked to the guests about their fathers and brothers, who defended the country from the fascists. Their achievements will forever remain in the hearts of millions of people, who care about the world, happiness and freedom.


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