Newspaper «Час» (Chas) established in August 1997 & it is one of major Russian language newspapers in Riga, Latvia. The Website is http://www.chas-daily.com/win/index.HTML «Час» is a daily Newspaper in Riga Latvia in Russian language. Editor and owner is a private company (with limited liability) at Press House ’Petit”. The daily distribution is around 8,500 copies and on Fridays there are 20,400 copies with 50,000 readers of newspaper.


We are a member of World Association of Russian press WARP. In our organization there are 20 permanent journalists, 11 technical staff and 10 temporary part-time journalists in different regions of Latvia.
Newspaper publishes a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, social issues, culture, history, education and sport.

We are closely involved with senior citizens and their problems of integration in Latvia, especially focusing on elderly people & adults who have problems learning the national language, finding any sort of job or dealing with government organizations on a daily basis.  Our newspaper gives consultation & special attention to that category of person. We also publish new laws and documents with explanations on a regular basis.

We will publish reports and comments about projects with interviews from individuals and partners in the project as well as from local and national organizations.  We will advertise a notice of meetings and seminars with details of topics for discussion. We prepare special material about all our partners from Europe with different views.  We will also correspond with all our partners, local organizations and associations via e-mail in order to publish material during the Grundtvig Project.


We shall initiate a question and answer dialogue with our readers and publish all plans, reports & the latest news for them.   We will interview government officials and politicians to get their opinions regarding the project in Latvia & overseas and publish public opinion about it.

We will look at topics that relate to Latvian & EU volunteers who work closely with senior immigrants and disabled persons and investigate the issues that can be implemented to improve the situation.  We will publish best practice in Latvian volunteer’s organisations to see how they achieve good results with limited financial help. Most active volunteers will be invited for interviews to share their experience with others.  We are eager to enrich our knowledge by collaborating with other EU partners.


Contact details:

Ikdienas krievu avīze Čas
Peldu iela 15, Rīga, LV-1050
+371 67088712, +371 67088725
www.chas.lv, www.chas-daily.com