We aim to create a closer dialogue between members and representatives of the Russian Diaspora and to promote Greek-Russian cultural & historical heritage links. We intend to organise educational lectures, tours, voluntary works & publications in media to encourage bonds between Russian immigrants local Greek communities. These will concentrate on language skills, Russian & Greek culture, traditions and history.



2011 is special year for us because we will commemorate the 160th Anniversary of birth of Queen Olga, wife of King George I, granddaughter to Emperor Nicholas I & also niece to Emperor  Alexander II. She was responsible for several public buildings in Athens, including hospitals & schools.

She gave money for health & education of poor people, including school for poor women to help them acquire skills & she volunteered as a nurse. Although a Christian, Queen Olga provided funds for construction of a mosque in Larissa. During 2011 we will organize several events & seminars for Russians & Greeks to inform about her charitable work and to encourage volunteers to come forward in the spirit that Queen Olga showed in Greece. Our Society is non-Government and not for profit organization to promote the preservation and development of Russian culture, language, traditions, historical heritage and monuments in Greece.  All this information is published on our web site:  www.soruem.gr/en, in Russian newspapers in Athens and through the Russian Embassy.
We intends to organize workshops, events and seminars to provide information & promote the preservation of cultural & historical Greek-Russian heritage. There are long-standing ties between Greek & Russian peoples. Many families, originally with Greek roots, have returned to Greece following the breakup of USSR and we wants to help them integrate into the local community whilst at the same time encouraging them to preserve their Russian language & cultural bonds.  The older members of immigrant families have particular difficulties in integration & can become isolated and lonely without support & encouragement. There will be contacts with other similar organizations across EU to exchange ideas & benefit from one another’s experiences.

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