"The Russian Academic Union in Bulgaria" was founded in March 2004 and was registered in the Sofia court as a community with non-profit activity. The Union is the successor of the "Russian Academic Union in Bulgaria", which existed between 1925 and 1944. Members of the Union are either physical persons - current or ex-citizens of USSR or Russia or their inheritors, who have been doing academic work on the territory of Bulgaria, or juridical, who help with the realization of the society goals regardless of their nation or registration places.


The main direction of activities are: migration processes and politics in Bulgaria, adaptation, integration, preservation of cultural inheritance, emigration and re-emigration, research, publishing-analytical and consulting activities.

Our goals are to popularize the Russian Bulgarian history, culture and education. We are dealing with all aspect of enquiries. We organize seminars, events, exhibitions, round tables etc for Russian speaking groups and individuals. We are publishing methodical and popular literature in that field.

Our experience in dealing with senior immigrants and the Russian speaking population will be a valuable asset to other partners. We are already doing a project about Bulgarians in EU countries, their adaptation and assimilation into their new life as foreigners. We have high quality specialists in those topics who are ready to work with other partners in the EU and to exchange opinions and ideas.

Russian speaking ethnic immigrants will gives us valuable material for the study and raise awareness of immigration & remigration in the EU

We are concentrating on adult education especially seniors to fully integrate them in their new country and became active citizens. Many Bulgarian senior immigrants who have returned to their Homeland find themselves in extremely difficult situations. On the one hand they have a deep feeling towards their historical roots and tales from generation to generation. On the other hand the mentality from their lives in a communist country where they were so long has a very strong influence on their views and attitude. The question of socio-economical adaptation is very important for them. Senior Russian speaking groups are extensive in Bulgaria and we are looking to share experiences and exchange views on voluntary work with adults (50 plus) and with other partners in the project.

Contact details:

Email : rasb@mail.ru

Tel: 00 359 2 9681835

Address: 1113, 12, Nikolai Haitov Str.,

Sofia, Bulgaria